Annette Osann's career is a symbiosis of nyckelharpa making and nyckelharpa playing. She performs as a soloist on nyckelharpa.
Annette interprets baroque music on the nyckelharpa and adapts the nyckelharpa to the baroque sound.

She plays on a nyckelharpa with gut strings.


 Repertory arranged for nyckelharpa:

  • Concerto for Viola, G.F. Telemann
  • Cello Suites, Sonata for Viola da Gamba, J.S. Bach
  • Sonatas for Cello, Jean Barrière
  • La Follia, A. Corelli, M. Marais
  • Recercadas, La Spagna, D. Ortiz

Annette plays in the following instrumentations:

  • nyckelharpa and organ
  • Nyckelharpa, organ and percussion
  • nyckelharpa and baroque cello
  • nyckelharpa consort
  • "Le Insolite Note" (nyckelharpa, cello, voice, organ)
  • "NyckelharpaQuartett"
  • Nyckelharpa, clarinet and guitar
  • Nyckelharpa Network Orchestra
  • CADENCE ensemble
  • ENCORE ensemble